DAL Zeitarbeit is a subsidiary of DAL Holding GmbH. In 2015, the DAL group was taken over by Derichebourg Sourcing Aero & Energy, which in turn belongs to the Derichebourg group.

DAL Zeitarbeit, which has been heavily represented in the areas of wind energy and blue and white collar work since it was founded in 2004, has already demonstrated its great expertise in scouting specialists. The Derichebourg Group was able to expand this know-how to the field of aviation.

DAL temporary work currently employs more than a hundred specialists from Germany and other European countries (UK, Spain, Poland and many more).

"Our plus is especially with employees, the personal care and the full commitment to the employee in action and consequently from the employee in action". Quote Dr. Ansgar Lauterbach (founder of the DAL group)

Thanks to its international organizational structure, DAL Zeitarbeit also has exactly the pool of employees that you, as an employer, need quickly and creatively.

We have the right employee for your company and the right employer for our specialists.

Our employees meet the numerous requirements that are required for working on wind turbines or aircraft and are also always trained on the latest standards through intensive training.

We provide constructive support for our clients for all projects. This is a real advantage for our customers, who can concentrate on their core business in a relaxed way and still have the certainty that their employee needs will be met in a qualified manner.

Our local organizational structure enables us to provide specialists exactly where they are needed, while taking into account all cultural and geographical factors.

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