Service technician for wind energy plant technology

Experienced all-rounders with approved IHK (Chamber of Commerce) standards

Our assembly and service technicians are experienced all-rounders from the mechatronic, metal- and electro-technic branches and have a combined knowledge of the BZEE (Bildungszentrum fuer Erneuerbare Energien e.V. = registered learning centre for regenerative energies) regulations for ensuring quality standards.

Rotor blade of a wind turbine

Comprehensive knowledge of the latest assembly technology

The DAL workforce has professional competence in

  • machine construction
  • electrotechnic
  • composites and synthetic materials

Further, they have comprehensive knowledge of the latest assembly technology, integrated environmental protection and operate accordingly to government accident and safety regulations.

For example, DAL assembly and service technicians are fully kitted out with safety harnesses, strap fall attenuators, track and cable safety lines. DAL is also licensed to test the quality of harnesses and strap fall attenuators.

All DAL workers receive special first-aid tuition, have a valid G41 testing and have taken the safety course "rescue at height".

DAL, in co-operation with the bfw Unternehmen fuer Bildung (an institution for advanced job training), holds courses at regular intervals to educate and license wind energy plant service technicians to approved IHK (Chamber of Commerce) standards.

Focus point mechanical

  • Assembly an disassembly of wind power stations components (e.g.gearboxes, shafts, bearings, flanges, dreive alignment, etc.)
  • Mechanical stress assessment of wind power station components, planning and execution of appropriate repairs (e.g.gear box service an maintenance, inspection and service of braking, cooling and wind tracing systems)
  • Control and proper disposal of lubrication waste
  • Material checks and professional treatment of corrosion

Focus point hydraulics

  • Application of test and measuring methods
  • Systematics fault analysis of control units
  • Service of hydraulic components (locating and treatment of leaks)
  • Professional disposal of sealing materials and hydraulic fluids

Focus point electro-technics

  • Laying and connection of cabling
  • Installation and comprehesive of electronic modules, devices and plant sub-units
  • Replacement of electronic modules and units

Focus point monitoring

  • Fault finding and verification via PLC

Focus point rotor blade repair

  • DAL personnel have considerable knowledgeof fibre composites for blade repair. This includes competent use of reiinforcing fibres (rovings, mats, layers and weavings) various types of synthetic materials and plastics (thermoplastic, durometric and elastometric) reaction agents and diffrent resins (mainly UP and EP resins). Small repairs are usually done on site.

Focus point connector and hoisting technology

  • The use of connector and hoisting technology is, for all DAL employees, just as natural as enviromental protection and working accordingly to working and safety regulations.