DAL laminators: comprehensive knowledge and high levels of practical experience

The technical requirements of wind-powered rotor blades are immens.

Laminating is a special technology in plastics processing which consists of bringing fibres and resins together to obtain a fibrous composite material. This kind of plastics processing requires craftmanship and a high level of practical experience.
Due to costs, flexible staff assignment and efficient workmanship for repairs and maintenance are indispensable.

A laminator works on a boat hull

Labour intensive production of rotor blades

The use of highly resilient lightweight components, so-called fibrous composite materials based on glass and carbon fibres, now enables the construction of rotor blades with an overall length of over 60 meters. Nevertheless the production of rotor blades remains labour intensive.

Reliable and experienced in handling different kinds of plastic

The DAL Laminators are reliable and experienced in handling different kinds of plastic (thermoplastics, Duromers or Elastomers), reagents and resins (epoxy, vinylester and polyester) as well as re-inforcement fibres (Rovings, mats, clutches and fabrics).

The DAL Zeitarbeit GmbH trains laminators and technicians for fibre related materials in co-operation  with different education enterprises - "the TÜV academy", the Bfw enterprise for education as well as the AWA association - according to DVS 2220.

Our Laminators have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Mould making: Co-operation in the production of the rotor blade models and forms by use of the vacuum infusion technique.    
  • Production of rotor blades by use of different techniques (vacuum infusion, prepreg, wet and hand laminated)    
  • Repair of rotor blades: Damage assessment and damage report, grinding of defective places and repairing by so-called wet method; grinding and coating the surfaces    
  • Quality assurance: Visual inspection of components, control using non destructive testing methods; Process control and documentation of errors, building and process deviations    

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