service personnel wind turbine technology

experienced "allrounder" with IHK-diploma

Our service and assembly employees are experienced "allrounders" in the fields of mechatronics, metal and electrical engineers. They are trained in maintaining quality standards co-developed with BZEE (education centre for renewable energy e.V./Bildungszentrum für Erneuerbare Energien e.V.).

Broad knowledge in new assembly technologies

DAL employees have competencies/skill in the fields

  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • fibre compound technology

Rotor blade of a wind turbine

Further, they are trained in the latest assembly technologies, integrated environmental protection and are working according to the criteria for work safety published by the administrative professional association.

For example, DAL assembly and service workers are fully equipped with safety harnesses and energy absorbers (BANDFALLDÄMPFER), as well as rail runners and rope runners

All DAL employees have received first aid training, a valid G 41 examination and have taken part in safety instruction courses on "rescues from heights".

The DAL also regularly offers courses in collaboration with the bfw company for education. Participants graduate as certified service technicians for wind turbine technology

Focus mechanics

  • assembly and disassembly of wind turbine components (e.g.: gear box, drive shaft, bearings, flange connections, adjustments to the power train(/DRIVE SHAFT),etc.)
  • inspection of parts of wind turbines with high mechanic demands, planning of appropriate repairs, repairs (e.g.: gear box inspection and maintenance, inspection and maintenance of breaking, cooling and wind tracking systems)
  • control and appropriate disposal of lubricating agents
  • material testing and appropriate disposal of corrosion focus hydraulics
  • application of testing and measurement procedures
  • systematic error analysis of control components
  • maintenance of hydraulic components (searching for and repairing leakages)
  •  appropriate disposal of sealing materials and hydraulic oils

focus electrical engineering

  • laying and connecting cables
  • installation and commissioning of electronic modules, devices and functionally seperate plant components
  • replacment of electronic components and modules

focus controlling technology

  • error specification and verification using PLC

focus rotor repairs

  • DAL employees have comprehensive knowledge in fibre composite materials for rotor repairs. This inculdes safe working pratices with reinforcing fibres (rovings, matts, GELEGE and fabrics, several types of polymers (thermoplaste, duromere, elastomere), reaction agents and different resins (mainly unsaturated polyester resins and epoxy). Smaller repairs are usually done on site.  

focus impact and hoisting technology

  • the appropriate practices with impact and hoisting technology is just as self-evident as environmental protection and working according to strict regulations of work safety and health protection for DAL employees.